Activities to suit everyone

All of our activities cost the same.
They’re available as half (one activity) or full day (two activities).
Half Day = £29 / person
Full Day £49 / person

Activity prices include all required clothing + equipment.

They are bookable separately from your accommodation or as part of an all inclusive deal including meals, activities and accommodation at a highly discounted rate.


Explore the Brecon Beacons from below!

The Brecon Beacons has almost as many treasures hidden below the ground as it does above it. Explore the legendary cave systems of the Brecon Beacons in safety with a trained guide. Get kitted up with overalls, helmets and torches to follow your experienced caving instructor into the depths below. You’ll see stunning convoluted passageways, crystal clear underground river systems, old mines and epic stalactites. Its damp, dark and damn exciting!


We operate at many different caving sites throughout the Beacons and Black Mountains: Whether you are looking for a simple walk through epic hidden caverns or a climb, squeeze and scramble into the most remote corners of the rocks.

Want to try rock climbing? We can offer you top rope or sport climbing for all ages and suitable for all abilities.

Climbing for beginners
If you’ve never climbed before we offer tuition and guidance to help you overcome anxiety and allow you to experience climbing on real rock face in a safe and supportive environment. Full safety gear and cover provided.

For those who have climbed indoors and are looking to make the move outdoors, we have the perfect venues and knowledgeable instructors to teach you the skills required to make the move – whatever your grade.

The brecon beacons for EXPERIENCED CLIMBERS
If you’re already an outdoor climbing veteran looking for a guide or climbing partner, give us a call. We know the best spots in the Western Brecon Beacons because it’s our passion.


Rock Climbing & Abseiling


Myths, Amulets & monsters

Making Druidic amulets 
In the land of the Dragon mythical beasts are never far away. Using images of real animals and stories of mythical ones we will use real skin, fur and feathers for inspiration to make our own mythical creature; using mixed sculpting media we will make a 3D sculpture bringing your creature to life.

Making monsters

From the wands used by Druids to cast their spells, to the beautiful jewellery that protected the Celtic warriors and Queens from their enemies: the past is rich with mystical objects. We use historical artefacts to inspire our amazing amulets made from wood, copper and precious stones. All of which can be found naturally in the environment around us in the Brecon Beacons. While we create, we learn the names of the rocks and roots with which we create our magical amulets.


Young people are lead on a walk around the local woods here in the Brecon Beacons, encouraging them to observe their natural surroundings. What trees can be identified? What are the leaf structures, seed pods and bark patterns that help us know which tree is which? On the woodland floor, how do the plants and flowers respond to the tree’s around them? How does this habitat change with the trees? Bringing back twigs, leaves, pine cones and a whole myriad of interesting finds, we then use these to create amazing natural sculptures which the young people can take home.

Some of the most remote and beautiful scenery you’ll come across lies within secret, hidden gorges and valleys in the Beacons. With our Gorge Walking activity, you’ll experience the environment from a unique point of view – the water! It’s wellies, overalls and hard hats time again (supplied by us of course), as we splash and scramble our way up river to explore the best that nature has to offer. We’ll be getting wet (again) as we trek our way along secluded river gorges, finding out about our surroundings as we go. Trained and highly experienced guides with bags of local knowledge will show you the way and help you get the best from your day.

gorge walk

Explore the hidden river valleys and gorges


lessons & hire

Our kayaking lessons are perfect for beginners, groups, school trips and family outings: The kayaks are stable enough that you won’t fall out of them – unless you want to…or you’re pushed.

Kayak hire includes tuition (if required), suitable clothing (wetsuit) and full personal safety cover. Available as a stand alone activity, for a morning or afternoon, or as part of a structured activity weekend or longer break.

See the beauty of the Brecon Beacons from the water. You can choose your venue if you have somewhere particular in mind, but we recommend the stunning Usk reservoir, where you will usually have unfettered access to 280 acres of water to yourself to explore. It has a number of shallow bays which are perfect for introductory sessions and building confidence.

Mountain bike hire: Drop off and pick up available at most popular mountain biking spots in South Wales.

Guided rides and/or tuition is available at hundreds of amazing locations throughout Brecon Beacons and in fact the whole of South Wales. If you want to stay local we can gently perambulate around the picturesque Usk Reservoir. If you’re more adventurous or experienced, the Black Mountain area holds just about every conceivable type of terrain to practice your passion ( oh… except desert!).


Where we ride and for how long is always bespoke to your abilities, from extreme mountain and forestry trails to a more relaxed and enjoyable bumpy family ride we can advise.

mountain bike

Wheels 'n' Mud


orienteering &
problem solving

Based deep in the forest, Puzzle Park is reminiscent of certain famous 1990’s game shows (think Crystal Maze / Fort Boyard). Lasting from one hour to a full day of mixed orienteering, problem-solving and physical challenges.

Puzzle Park is perfect as a team-building activity, for school groups or families after a real challenge. Teams are given a map each and then sent off into the vast forest (don’t worry there’s an experienced guide with you at all times). Hidden around the forest are different elements, tasks, and conundrums to test everyone’s abilities: Some physical, some mental, some dexterous, some just requiring brute force but, all involving teamwork and divergent cooperative thinking.

Each task completed will reveal the map coordinates for the next challenge. Then, it’s back to the chase down the bumpy forest tracks to find it! Racing against the clock, can your team figure out the secrets and unlock the final piece of the puzzle? However long you decide to fade into the magic world of puzzle park, we can guarantee the time will disappear far faster than you want it to.

learn to stand up paddleboard

The perfect chill out: Stand-up paddleboarding is the latest watersports craze. You can hire boards to explore the serene Usk reservoir or take a scenic trip down a slow moving local river. We’ll teach you to balance, stand up, which is kind of the point…and get paddling. Tricky but far from impossible, it’s a great way to keep fit and mobile while exploring some of the best scenery that the Beacons has to offer.


Our GIANT stand up paddle board is literally the most fun you can have on the water! Suitable for all ages, as a cruising craft for a family, or an unstable, unpredictable giggle platform for up to 12 adults. 


Normal or mega


pick one or try all three


Come and try your hand at Archery, one of the original Olympic sports: Shoot a bow with trained and experienced instructors.

Concentrate in silence, learn to breathe and read the wind, anticipate the distance correctly and hit the bullseye. We have 10 & 20 metre targets and a wide selection of bows (competition and traditional) and arrows for you to try.


Axe throwing is a growing trend in target sports. Requiring concentration, coordination and an understanding of basic physics! It is, however, completely safe and really good for releasing some frustration. Come with us and channel your inner Mohican. See how good your aim is, how much you can improve your technique with a bit of training, by burying a hatchet into our targets.

Air Rifle Shooting

Our traditional spring loaded, break-barrel air rifles pack quite a punch, require a steady hand and a solid eye.  They’re also virtually silent in use, so we don’t upset the local wildlife (or neighbours). Easy to load and use, they’re relatively lightweight too.

Our specially designed range lets you try your hand at shooting in a completely safe environment. With multiple targets to choose from, you can either test yourself against the Olympic standard, or shoot for fun at a range of selected small targets. Shooting through open sights rather than telescopic, requires a degree of concentration, stillness and regulated breathing.

With expert tuition for all three of our target sports, followed by unlimited shots for the remaining of the time, you’ll have plenty of time to perfect your aim.

kids kayaking