Definitely! We will need consent forms from every student and here they can express if they have any specific dietary requirements. Our cook will make sure everyone is happily fed and full of energy for all the activities!

Of course but, we will need to know ahead of time as it may change our ratios and therefore the number of staff we need for that day/week.

As long as there’s no other school or group on site we can arrange a visit. Weekends are the most likely option during busy periods. Feel free to contact us and we’ll book in a time and date for your visit.

We create bespoke packages for each group and we are always trying out new workshops/activities which aren’t listed on our website but head over to our activities page and see our core adventures.

Please do! We strongly encourage you to try everything as well. It’s best to lead by example and it’s extremely powerful for young people to see you overcome fears and push yourself to your limits too!

There shouldn’t be a problem but please let us know beforehand so that we can be ready for you and have someone on site to welcome you.

In short, yes. We would need to discuss this ahead of time as it affects our ratios and costs but we will do our best to cater for your group.

It’s not part of our standard package but if you need us to we can make sure we send you home with a lunchbox.

We can send you a link to all our risk assessments, just ask!

Yes, if for any reason you need to make changes we can discuss these. We may also make last minute changes for various reasons like the weather or if any environments are no longer safe to run activities on.

No-one needs to bring anything to enjoy their week but we may suggest a small amount of pocket money.

We are happy to send you a link to all our risk assessments so that you can have a copy.

All home cooked food! Although the menu may vary we will make sure you’re bellies are full and everyone’s ready for that day’s adventures! We will cater for all your allergies or religious dietary requirements.

If we are on site there’s always fruit available but if you need a little something extra you can ask the cook for toast, cereal, a sandwich or left overs from the night before. 

Both will be sent out a week ahead of your arrival:

You will discuss the final details of your program with our Lead Activities Instructor to make sure you’re happy with everything.

Room allocations are up to the adults so we will send you a floor plan so that you can sort out who’s sharing a room with who.


No one gets left behind! We have established a fund to ensure that what we provide is available to everyone. If there are young people from the same group, year, or class who can’t afford to join you on your residential, we will foot the bill. Each person is assessed on a case-by-case basis but we will always try to ensure that no one gets left behind.

No! Although we run several team building games here, we believe it’s important to take young people out to real rocks, caves and mountains to show off the best of Wales but also to learn to love and care for our natural environment!